Thursday, July 13

A New Book Says Spain's Juan Carlos Has Had 5,000 Lovers & And Even Tried His Luck With Diana

With a dashing stoop of his 6ft 5in frame, Spain’s King Felipe radiated old world charm as he greeted the Queen with a kiss to each cheek yesterday amid the pomp of a red-carpet welcome on Horse Guards Parade.

His impeccable manners and solicitous behaviour seemed a world away from grubby new claims that erupted just as the Spanish State Visit to Britain began, about the extraordinary sex life of his father, Juan Carlos, the ex-king whom the bearded Felipe replaced as monarch three years ago.

According to an explosive new book, Juan Carlos is a sex addict who had hundreds of relationships
even after marriage to Queen Sofia, Felipe’s mother. Princess Diana is rumoured to have been just one of the young ladies the ex-king, now 79, pursued in a romantic career in which  like his namesake, the seducer Don Juan  he is said to have bedded almost 5,000 women.

Claims about the libidinous former monarch are not new. Five years ago, a Spanish society writer claimed Juan Carlos had slept with 1,500 women.

But the new allegations, compiled by a retired high-ranking Spanish Army officer, are staggering for the sheer detail about the number of his conquests.

In one six-month period alone, the ex-king is said to have had 62 lovers, while, in what the book calls his ‘passionate period’ between 1976 and 1994, Juan Carlos apparently bedded 2,154 women.

Even in his so-called ‘winter period’ of 2005 to 2014, when he was aged between 67 and 76 and apparently slowing down, the book says he slept with 191 different lovers.

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