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Cruel World! Clan Elders Pour Grounded Pepper in Woman's Private Parts as Punishment

Cruel World! Clan Elders Pour Grounded Pepper in Woman's Private Parts as Punishment

Mixture of sisal

A woman has been left depressed and traumatized after she was punished in a most bizarre way by her clan elders for something very flimsy.

The court have heard how clan elders poured  a mixture of sisal juice and ground pepper in a 46-year-old woman's private parts as punishment.

The heartbreaking evil act was committed by Rose Muthoki Muthiani, Christopher Sumbi Kavolo, John Mutie Kimolo, Marieta Kamene Kavevo, Margaret Ngwembe Ngwese and Rosina Nthenya Masyuko reportedly committed the offence on September 7, 2013. The court have now sentenced them to 9 years imprisonment.

According to the Nairobian, Anita Muli was allegedly punished by her clan for locking herself in a lodging at Kikoko trading centre in Makueni County.

The elders claimed that her behaviour brought shame to them. They claimed they were conducting a traditional cleansing rite known as Kuusya. They also slaughtered the woman’s ram and feasted on it overnight.

On the material day, Sumbi Kavolo, the chairman of the clan, allegedly ordered the woman to be stripped naked and her underpants removed.

He shined a spotlight on her private parts and ordered that a mixture of sisal juice and pepper be poured in her genitalia.

More sisal juice was poured on her naked body before she was paraded at Kilia Primary School as a crowd of 98 people watched.

“This court can’t fathom the physical and emotional pain the complainant must have gone through after being paraded naked before 98 people" the Judge said.

The worst, he said, “was when a fellow woman pulled and pinched the private parts of the 46 year-old woman who has since been divorced by her husband,” the Judge, Patrick Wambugu added.

“Her seven children have abandoned her and she experiences severe pain in her lower abdomen.

"She has sold land to pay for medical bills and has now been ostracised by the community and people even refuse to buy vegetables from her grocery,” he added.

The court sentenced them to 9 years imprisonment for the crime.

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