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Plumbers Find $50,000 Gold Brick in Bathroom But What They Did With It Will Fascinate You

Plumbers Find $50,000 Gold Brick in Bathroom But What They Did With It Will Fascinate You

The two Canadian plumbers literally struck gold after finding a $50,000 gold brick while renovating a client’s bathroom.

Two plumbers who were renovating a client's bathroom chanced upon a gold brick worth a lot of money and while they were happy to have struck gold, they did something really cute with it.

Alif Babul was tearing apart a bathtub in a Calgary home when he and his apprentice, Dean Materi, came across the gold bar last month

Alif Babul and his employee Dean Materi discovered a one-kilogram gold brick while performing a bathroom renovation in Calgary in mid-February. The two plumbers discovered the gold brick underneath a pile of rubble and nearly threw it in the trash before realizing what it was.

Speaking with the Calgary Sun about the incident, Materisaid: “I seen a gold shimmery thing on the ground and I thought it was a cooper light fixture. But when I went to shovel it up, it seemed kind of heavy. I picked it up and it was a gold brick.”

They later found that the brick’s value was estimated at nearly $50,000. While both men were initially excited about the potential windfall, they ultimately decided to return the brick to its owners.

“My wife and I had a long chat about that,” Babul told the CBC. “I said to my wife, ‘I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but it’s the right thing to do.”

Babul said he has found valuable items while working before, including a collection of rare “Daredevil” comic books, but said his company’s policy at Perfection Plumbing & Gas Ltd. is to turn any items found over to their proper owners. “We always return what we find,” he said.

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