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Top African Politician Humiliated While Trying to Take Selfie at the White House (Video)

Top African Politician Humiliated While Trying to Take Selfie at the White House (Video)

Kenyan politician Malik Obama

A top Kenyan politician has narrated how he was left humiliated while trying to take a selfie at the White House.

Kenyan politician Malik Obama has disclosed how he was once humiliated while trying to take a photograph during a tour of the White House.

In an exclusive interview with Fox News, Malik who is President Barack Obama's half-brother revealed how Barack denied him an opportunity to take a photo with one of his security forces.

Malik described that while on a visit to White House, he noticed a marine soldier who he desired to have a picture with but Obama restricted the move, badly disappointing him.

“I was there once and going out I saw a Marine and he was the coolest guy. I wanted to take a picture with him, just to have a picture with him and my brother said no. Such a simple thing,” he stated.

Malik, who has been continually complaining about how Obama had changed after becoming President, vented over how it was even hectic to have his (Malik) friends shake Obama's hand.

Despite getting invites to the presidential residence every year, he whined that he has to go through security checks despite being the President's brother.

“I thought that charity starts from home and we could be a family but I am just disappointed,” he said adding that Obama had killed the expectations of his family, especially back in Kenya.

“He was a different guy, humble, would listen and he had a very soft side of him. Now he is just too formal and stiff. Even when we are alone there's nothing much we can talk about as brother to brother,” he divulged.

Malik, who has US citizenship, announced that as a result of the 'failure' of the Obama administration, he would not support Democratic Presidential nominee Hilary Clinton but would vote for Donald Trump.

In 2013, the elder Obama unsuccessfully vied for the Siaya gubernatorial seat emerging a distant last after garnering a meagre 2,792 votes and over 140,000 behind the winner - current governor Cornel Rasanga.

Watch video courtesy of Fox News:

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