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Buhari does not deserve a 2nd term, even his wife agrees

Buhari does not deserve a 2nd term, even his wife agrees

Dr. Junaid Mohammed, Second Republic member of the House Representatives in an interview with Saturday Sun analysed President Muhammadu Buhari's and decided that he does not deserve a second term come 2019.

He said, ''I think anybody who has been living in this country since the 29th of May 2015, till this date, knows that the lot of persons in this country has been very, very, very bad. It is also very clear that this government has not lived up to expectations of Nigerians.
Bribery and corruption are and have always been existential threat to the survival of this country, its progress and prosperity.

So, as for the re-energised fight against corruption, the government has gotten it right. But beyond that, other aspects for which the ruling party and government in power, made definite promises and commitment to Nigerians, have not come to pass. So as far as I am concerned, it is a record that I am not impressed about.

''Let me say it loud and clear that I am not a party to those who believe, for whatever reason that, Buhari is entitled to a second term, especially when that wishful thinking, has refused to take into cognizance his performance in office.

He has not performed, in my view, well enough, to be given a second term. This is being said, not only by me, but by also his own wife. And he cannot be closer to anybody, than his own wife.

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