Saturday, October 22

APC Crisis: Tinubu was badly advised - Oyegun

APC Crisis: Tinubu was badly advised - Oyegun

National Chairman of the APC, John Odigie Oyegun, speaking briefly on his recent feud with Ahmed Bola Tinubu said the later was badly advised.

He spoke in a brief interview published by Vanguard.

“I see Tinubu as a valued member of APC, but I think he was badly advised by people who have things they want to benefit from," he said.

“My basic philosophy as national chairman is that APC must have internal democracy; those who won and lost should accept the outcome, which is the way to avoid bitterness among members so that nobody will feel unjustly deprived.”

The report went on to say the Appeal Committee report of the Ondo state primary election was inconsistent and was rejected by the APC's National Working Committee.


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