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Goodluck allowed 55 persons to steal N1.3 trillion – Buhari

Goodluck allowed 55 persons to steal N1.3 trillion – Buhari

The Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption, PACAC, has detailed how former president Goodluck and his aides stole N1.3trillion from the nation’s treasury.

PACAC said the said money was looted during the leadership of Goodluck Jonathan and his aides.

The committee made the shocking revelation during an interaction with civil society organizations in Abuja.

PACAC Executive Secretary, Professor Bolaji Owasanoye disclosed that the large sum of money was stolen by fifty-five persons.

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Declaring that corruption brought Nigeria to her present situation, Owasanoye berated the former president for tolerating the vice.

According to Bolaji, “Jonathan’s tolerance of corruption was reflected in the sunset of activities of anti-corruption agencies.

“The nation witnessed an exponential increase in corruption and other vices under him.

“Insecurity escalated because of the massive embezzlement of $2billion through the Office of the NSA under Col. Sambo Dasuki.

“The problems in the downstream sector of the petroleum industry reached a zenith.

“Multi-billion dollars subsidy scams were perpetrated and President Jonathan just looked the other way.

“Jonathan’s legendary comment that stealing is not corruption underscored his perspective on corruption.

“That comment remains a watershed in the history of anti-corruption crusade in Nigeria.

“Under his watch, corruption brought Nigeria to its knees.

“N1.3trillion were stolen by only 55 people in seven years.

“That money could have provided 635.18 kilometers of roads and built 36 ultra-modern hospitals in each state.

“Former President Obasanjo established key anti-corruption agencies which led to high-profile convictions.

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“Although his actions were not above board, the crusade against corruption went comatose from 2007 due to leadership deficit.

“Corruption is Nigeria’s greatest challenge and is directly associated with the current economic decline.

“Due to corruption, a few Nigerians were richer than their states.

“The thieves now used plea bargain and went scot free from the prosecution,” Bolaji said.

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