Monday, October 5

She got a ring from him without having to lose her virginity | Read Brelyn Freeman's story (photos)

She got a ring from him without having to lose her virginity, Read Brelyn Freeman's story (photos)

Brelyn Freeman, a Jesus Lover, Preacher of Purity & Soon to be Mrs. Bowman shared her story on instagram recently and we decided to inspire you with it. She would be getting marrried in seven days to her hearthtrob of several years and all through their long courtship, they had no sex... Enjoy it below:

"Just so we're clear "everyone is not doing it"! It's possible to have the man of your dreams without sex! As women it's a natural thing for us to want to please our men in every way but is it right? Just because something is easy doesn't mean it's right! We must take a stand & do what's right! If he can't wait for you then HE's not worth it! Know who & whose you are before you allow someone else to define you! Your worth is far above rubies darling! If you know you can't handle being alone after 9, take your cute little self HOME! Why would he buy the car if he can test drive it at will? You're worth waiting for ❤️."

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