Sunday, October 4

#KFB Only God Could Have Done This! I went into Labour for four days

I thank God l have a praying husband who is just a brother in the church.
When l heavy with the pregnancy of our second child, l noticed my husband went on some days of fasting and praying.
I had to ask him the need for it.He just said nothing, but that we needed it.
It was at the end of the fasting and praying exercise he told me the series of revelations concerning the delivery of my child. But he received a token from God that it was going to end  well.
I bless God that it went well.
However, it shook the better part of me.
I had a 4day Labour. I had dilation yet l could not bring forth. I had become very weak.
The medical team wanted me to have the delivery naturally, but the pain was much, l had to tell them to do the CS. 
This is because l had the first child through CS. To them l was to be helped so as to undergo an operation.
How would l know if the enemy was not waiting for me in my Waiting? And so on August 7th l was wheeled to the theater. 
I told God l was entering therein, HE by HIS mercy had to bring me out alive with increase.
And God did
It could have gone bit the mercies of God brought me and the baby out. 
And in addition, the healing took three days that l was discharged the third day. Both the child and l left the hospital on good health.
It was God Who delivered us from the power of grave hovering over us.
Praise the Lord with me.
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