Monday, October 5

Aww, Eva Alordiah narrates an interesting encounter she had with a fan yesterday!

Eva Alordiah narrates an interesting encounter she had with a fan yesterday

Rapper  Eva Alordiah has just narrated a story on her instagram page, read it below:
Yesterday at the mall I ran into a A beautiful girl and her friends. I had caught their eyes on me at some point and sent a warm smile in their direction. Then another lady cradling her month old baby in her arms hurried towards me, smiles and giggles and said "Are you Eva?" 

"Yes I am," I said, recognizing myself. "Aarhhh I said it! That time you came to greet us I was just looking at you, Mó so pé I know this face." She said "Your baby is so beautiful,' I said to her, tickling her baby's nose. "Just like her Mother." 

The lady blushed so hard and said between smiles "You are very beautiful too." We laughed excitedly and then took photos. As soon as she left, the other girls walk towards me and their lead, a yellow faced girl with a brash condescending demeanor began to talk. "Ah ahnn? Iró o. Are you Eva?" "Hi. Very nice to meet you." I said to them. I watched her tilt her head several degrees to the side, as if a new view of me would make me look like me. "You look so different!" She exclaimed, her expression unfriendly. She seemed rather happy that I looked different, maybe not quite like I do on Tv. Walking the mall, shopping. Bland. Normal. Skinnier than ever. "Ah na wa oh! Is this Eva for real?" She continued. "You have lost so much weight" Yep! I wanted to say. And you have gained it all on yourself. But I kept my mouth in a smile and my gaze on her. Then she proposed to take a photo on her phone saying, "I have to take his picture. Everybody needs to see this."

 She had a boldly written 'O má şe oooo' written on her face and I could see her own deeply rooted insecurities fire up like light bolts all about her. I stood there, my trolley in hand and gave her my best 'just-outchere-shopping' pose. Yesterday at the mall, I ran into a Beautiful girl, who couldn't see beyond herself to acknowledge the beauty around her.

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