Thursday, October 8

KFB Best friends Alert! Nadia Buari and Susan Peters

KFB Best friends Alert! Nadia Buari and Susan Peters

The KFB Best Friends Alert is back (for Good), Amen...drum rolls!!! Earlier this year, we promised to bring it back but we haven't been able to due to tight schedules and all...well people, you have got your favorite column and it is here to stay now :)

For the newbies, theKFBBest Friends Alert - where we feature top socialites peeps and their best friends - comes up on Thursdays.  This time around though, it is not just going to be about celebrities, everyone shall be given the opportunity to be featured :)

So let's get this started guys.

We bet you all didn't know that actress Susan Peters and Ghanaian actress/mum of twins, Nadia Buari are best friends...

Truth is, we didn't know too, we only found out recently.

We all know Susan's best friend to be Evangelist Eucharia Anuonbi...

but Nadia is another too and right now, they are working on a project together!

They call each other sister..."my Ghanaian Nigerian sister"

And love spending time together

And singing together too

Aww. don't you just admire ém? See ya again next week

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