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Mum had premonition of her death — Bimbo Odukoya’s son

Odukoya and Jimmy 

Pastor Jimi Odukoya is the first son of Late pastor Bimbo Odukoya and Pastor Taiwo Odukoya of The Fountain of Life Church.

Fondly called Pastor Jay because of his music career, he revealed in an interview with Punch that his late mom may have known about her death before it happened.

He said:
“I would say she did. Some things happened which made me think so. She was talking to my sister in 2005 on the phone and she said to her, ‘When you’re having your first child and I’m not with you, know that the Holy Spirit is with you.’ My sister said, ‘What do you mean, wherever you are in the world, you would fly to visit me.’ My mum said, no. She then gave my sister a scripture to read, which my sister didn’t read until after my mum had died. When she read it, it was Paul, the apostle, addressing one of the churches; it read, “Dearly beloved, the time has come for me to depart.”
That was freaky. I also remember right before they boarded the plane, she was telling her personal assistant about each of us, her children, in details, and her PA was wondering why she was talking that way about her kids. Also, the last birthday she had with my father was his 49th birthday in 2005. She said God had told her to celebrate him big. People usually marked a 50th birthday in a big way. But she organised a big celebration as if it was dad’s 50th birthday; not knowing that it was the last birthday celebration she would have with my dad, that she would not be around for his 50th birthday.”

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