Thursday, April 27

10 'NEPA moments' we have all had (photo memes)

Below is a compilation of  moments we've all at one time or the other experienced in the hands of the notorious NEPA. Hope you enjoy it:
1. Nepa finally brings light after two days of blackout:

2. When your mum decides to send you on errand when there is light
3. You sha quickly hustle through whatever errands she sends you, you struggle to get home as quickly as you could:

4. When you've finally gotten comfortable, the fan breeze is already blowing you sweet air and you're lying down pressing your phone which you just plugged barely 10 minutes, then they take the light again...:

5.  There's been light all through the night but you forgot to plug your phone before you slept... Then they take the light shortly after you wake up in the morning:

6.  You trusted NEPA too much, you said you'll charge when your battery is low; just when it's gotten to 7% and you're thinking of now charging it, then they take the light:

7.  You're out in the compound, then the sound of the TV or Fridge suddenly stops. That dark feeling that envelopes you, you start peeping to confirm your worst fears like:
8. When they're about rounding up in the church or mosque, and NEPA brings light just at that moment:

9. Those transformer moments LOL grin:

10. When there's light, life is more pleasant, everything feels good... Even sh!tting

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