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23-year-old woman marries her 62-year-old husband (photos)

Emily Feather and her man Billy
A love struck couple with a 39-year age gap have married and had their first baby together – even though the groom is 11 years older than the bride’s father, Sun UK. 
The woman identified as Emily Feather, 23, from Goole, Yorkshire, first laid eyes on 62-year-old, Billy, when she was 18 after meeting at his tattoo parlor.
From that moment the pair quickly became inseparable and despite the age difference, their relationship blossomed into a full blown romance. Four years later, the couple have married and now have their first child together, Dakota, who is 15 months old.
And despite Billy being almost 40 years her senior, Emily’s family have since accepted their relationship and the age gap. After giving birth in 2016, Emily claims her husband continually worries about not being around long enough for his wife and son.
Emily said: “I am 23 and my husband Billy is 62, we have a 39 year age gap but I don’t really care what people think about it.
“We have had stares from strangers in the street as they don’t expect to see us in a romantic relationship.

“But at the end of the day, you can’t help who you fall in love with.

“We first laid eyes on each other when I visited his studio to get some designs for my new tattoo.
“It didn’t take long before our conversations turned flirtatious and we ended up dating.

“I never saw his age as a problem and if anything I pursued him.

“We sometimes get stares when we are out in town but we just ignore them.

“We’re in a different generation now where age, race and language shouldn’t matter anymore.

“Billy’s personality is what made me fall for him, and his amazing ice blue eyes, he is caring and loving and so understanding.

“When my family first found out, they was really shocked that I’d gone for such an older man.

“They weren’t all happy at first as they hoped I’d go for someone my own age but Billy tried his best to change their minds.
“I’ve always been quite mature though, and I’ve always seen age as just a number.”
Billy, who owns a tattoo parlour owner and is a tattoo artist – he has been married twice before he met Emily – and has five other children from his past relationships.
Two of which now live with Emily and Billy, who are aged 17 and 18.
She added: “When I met Billy he was a single father. He has married twice before, so third time lucky as they say.

“He has two sons and three daughters who have all taken really well to me and Dakota.

“When I walked into Billy’s tattoo parlour I was 18 and he was 57. I didn’t think of him as boyfriend material at this point.
“But about a year later, as I kept getting more tattoos, I became closer to Billy.

“One night after a few drinks, I texted Billy a design of another tattoo I wanted.

“Our conversation then led to discussing rubbing cream on my thigh where the tattoo was going.

“I then texted Billy asking if he had something to tell me. It was there when I began to tell him how I really felt about him.

“We ended up going for dinner and back to his place three nights in a row after that just to chat about us and then it grew into an attraction and spiralled from there.
“We spoke about the consequences that might occur because of our age difference. I was especially worried about how my dad would feel.

“And it was no surprise when my dad, Chris, has his reservations, I think he just wanted to ensure Billy had his best interests for me at heart.

“But when they finally met, they shook hands and Billy explained to him that it was me that chased him.

“My dad thankfully said he was okay with our new relationship and gave us his blessing.”

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