Thursday, April 27

Olajumoke Orisaguna reaches out to the old woman, Emily Oyedele, whose home is about to be demolished (photos)

Earlier this month (HERE), we brought you the emotional and heartbreaking video of an Old Woman, Emily Oyedele, whose tear jerking reaction to the demolition of her house, went viral.
Former Bread Seller turn super star, Olajumoke Orisaguna have now reached out to her and sorted her out.
 Talking about the good act, Olajumoke said

"My team found mama Emily Oyedele. @qtabyevents team embarked on a search today & eventually located her. She lives alone in a "face-me-I-face-you" and she has neighbors that assist her. They say she is 130yrs old, though she looks very old, we can not verify her age.
Mama Emily has no living child but has a grandson called Benjamin Oyedele who she was referring to in the viral video.
The residents of the area confirmed that they do not know exactly when the demolition will get to them but it has already commenced.
1) Rent a decent 1bedroom apartment for mama Emily,
2)Furnish the apartment quickly 3) Relocate her there before the demolition gets to her (we have just about two weeks)
4) Possibly get a little girl that can live with her to help her with cleaning, cooking e.t.cor find out if her son can live with her
5) Form a small community of 20people called "friends or Mama Emily"
6) Designate one person to visit her once weekly, spend time with her e.t.c
7) We will also try to assist her grandson to learn a trade & earn a living as that is the only way her Joy will be complete
8) We will look into the possibility of helping other people in the community as we found another very old man that lives not far from Mama Emily whose house is also marked for demolition
We were told that they maybe another group of people interested in helping her so we will try to find them out & synergise with them but we will not let that slow us down.
We will be back there for further discussions tomorrow and we will keep you updated & let you know how you can help
We want to give her the best life possible in these her last lap of life & put a smile on her face"

The gentleman in brown shirt in the picture is her grandson Benjamin Oyedele. He was in our office yesterday and we realized that him and Mama's son had a building site before things went down & mama's died. The house needs plastering and roofing and fixing of toilets. We visited the building site yesterday.  We will like to help them complete that house so that mama can live with his grandson & great grand children for the rest of her life.

We believe that this is the most important phase of this project before thinking about empowering her grandson who dropped out of university years ago when Mama's son died. As at yesterday, mama is still in that house and they do not know when demolition will get to them but it has started in some parts of Ijoko. For people interested in this cause please make donations into the below account. Jegede Paul Foundation 0124949808 GTBank.

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