Thursday, April 27

Read how this woman was deceved by a business man

A beautiful lady has been left confused and in tears after sleeping with a man who promised to give her a job or money for business, only to discover he had deceived her.

The man has been called out for his deceit. He allegedly promised to give her cash to start her own business in exchange for sleeping with him, only to opt out after having his way...

According to H-metro, Noah Manyika is reported to have threatened the lady identified as Junior Takuranarwo with arrest saying he is connected to high profile people, this was after the 'act',
Recalling what happened, she said, “Noah approached me 2 weeks ago and we became friends, he promised giving me money to start my own business since I am working under someone.

“He never showed that he was after falling in love with me and he took me out for drinks and discuss business issues.
“Noah looked a gentleman who wanted to help me yet he was after abusing me and to be honest I had to look for a traditional healer for treatment after he made me have unprotected s*x.

The 24yrs old Zimbabwean lady said she left him because he's "connected" and failed to help her.

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