Friday, April 28

Nigerian Girl sparks online controversy as she offers to sell her virginity for N600k

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An unnamed Nigerian girl has set tongues wagging online after storming social media to put up her virginity for sale.
The girl made her point on break_or_makeup, seeking for prospective 'customers' to buy off her virgnity.
According to her, she has never had s*x before and is very beautiful. However, she is ready to be deflowered now and wants to meet anyone who can pay to sleep with her.
She spoke about the fact that she is good looking and will not give up her prized asset to any man who would use and eventually dump her, hence her desire to accept money for s*x.
She however explained that she is not a prostitute.
Below is how she advertisd herself:
However, after seeing her post, many social media users who were not impressed at all, lashed out at her angrily.
Many users felt she was demeaning herself online while others threw tantrums at her for being 'greedy'.
Below are some of their comments:

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