Thursday, April 27

Domestic violence: Lady cries out after Police refused to arrest rich boyfriend who battered her mercilessly

Try not to live your life as a so called 'slay queen' on social media otherwise you'll be attracting the guys who have cash to throw around, take you to club and the wild life you desire. But most times the consequences are bitter. Sigh! Here's another of such cases. 

She and her boyfriend had disagreements and he battered her bloody. Read her story;

“I never understood Domestic viloence till it happened to me, We Had An Argument, Though I Was Wrong For Verbally Confronting Him In His House... He Beat Me Up Mercilessly And Shot At Me 3 Times, Then Locked His Door So No One Would Be Able To Come To My Rescue... Finally I Was Rushed To The Hospital, And Carried The Evidence To Lagos Police, He Was Summoned To The Station But Did Not Spend More Than 5Mins... Its Over 10days Now Still Nothing Has Happened... Please I Need Justice, He must Face The Law.”
Social media generation and its troubles.

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