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Friday, July 15

OMG!!!! You Won't Believe What Happened to a Muslim Man for Smoking During Ramadan (Photo+Video)

OMG!!!! You Won't Believe What Happened to a Muslim Man for Smoking During Ramadan (Photo+Video)

Gokay Cetin was knocked out for smoking during Ramadan

Now matter where he is, one man will never dare smoke again during Ramadan after what happened to him the last time he dared.

According to Dailystar, this is the shocking moment a passer-by approaches 23-year-old Gökay Çetin, smoking outside his work during ramadan and brutally knocked him out.

The assailant briefly argues with Cetin, before hitting him with a powerful right hook that knocks out the shop worker before he hits the ground.

Cetin’s limp body slumps against the car behind him before hitting his head in an eye-watering fall on the pavement. The attack occurred in the Fatih district of Istanbul on June 26, allegedly because the man believed Cetin had broken fast by having a cigarette during Ramadan.

The unnamed attacker reportedly tried to resuscitate Cetin before taking him to a nearby hospital, where he was kept until July 4 – nine days after the assault – due to the severity of his injury.

“I got off my motorbike and smoke from a cigarette came toward me while I was walking,” the assailant told police during his testimony.

"I said, ‘We are in Ramadan, at least smoke without making it obvious’.

“He replied: ‘Am I the only one who is smoking? Did you only notice me?’ Then I punched him.

“He fainted and I tried to resuscitate him, then I took him to hospital.”

It is unclear whether the man will face charges for the brutal assault.

Watch video below:

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