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Friday, July 15

Confusion in Turkey as military claims control of government

Confusion in Turkey as military claims control of government

There is currently confusion in Turkey over an attempt by the military to overthrow the civilian government led by President Recep Erdogan.

Jets and helicopters are hovering over Ankara, the country’s capital, and the military has closed two major bridges in Istanbul, shut the Istanbul Ataturk airport, and making broadcast on the state television.

The military has officially declared a coup, but the government says it is still in charge.

The armed forces say it has taken power, and it will protect the democratic order and maintain human rights.

The military also said existing foreign relations would be maintained and the rule of law would remain the priority.

CNN reported that hostages were being held at the military headquarters, while the state-run Anadolu news agency said the chief of Turkey’s military staff was among people taken “hostage” in Ankara.

Earlier, in a television address, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said that a number of generals are involved in the takeover of the government.

He vowed that the “perpetrators” will be contained, adding that the government “will never give up democracy”.

In a brief chat with CNN via telephone, Erdogan called on the people to troop to the streets and challenge the military.

He said decisive action would be taken against those behind the act, saying he is still in charge.

Turkey has had a history of coup attempts, the last time being carried out in 1997, which forced the resignation of then-prime minister Nemettin Erbakan.

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