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Saturday, July 16

Chika Ike: I Have ‘Reconciled’ With My Ex Husband

Chika Ike: I Have ‘Reconciled’ With My Ex Husband

Chika Ike: I Have ‘Reconciled’ With My Ex Husband

Nollywood actress Chika Ike recently revealed to Razzle Dazzle that she has made peace with her former husband in a bid to move on with her new partner.

See excerpt from her recent interview:

Would you give marriage another chance?

Yes I will give marriage another chance, but I don’t want to go into details for now.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Life itself comes with challenges, so I just look at my challenges as a launch pad to step forward. Basically having to wake up every morning and meeting workloads is enough challenge. So that alone is a challenge for me and having to joggle all those with my daily life, it’s huge, but all the same I take them as a stepping stone to greater things.

Do you still communicate with your exhusband?

Yes I do, we’ve resolved our differences. I have forgiving the past, it’s good to keep it that way. It’s also good to move on from where you stopped and concentrate on what is important

If your ex-husband comes begging, would you give him another chance?

Let’s not go into that, it’s not important, but the truth is that I have forgiving him and we have resolved our differences, we are not enemies because I don’t want to hate anybody in my life. I am a happy woman so I want to live a hatred free life. I don’t want any baggage around me.

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