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Friday, July 15

Omg! Read What Angry Mob Did to a Pastor After Catching Him Around 3am in a Married Woman's House

Omg! Read What Angry Mob Did to a Pastor After Catching Him Around 3am in a Married Woman's House

A horny and randy pastor who could not control his manhood has been taught a bitter lesson after he was caught in a married woman's house by 3am.

A randy pastor has been taught the lesson of a lifetime after he was caught in a married woman’s house at 3am.

According to Kenyans, Sammy Ndwiga of the Faith of Miracles Chruch had visited the lady purporting that he had gone for night prayers.

However, he did not know that the woman's husband has been trying to catch him red-handed with the wife after neighbours had told him about the pastor's secret visits. On the fateful day, the wife thought the husband went far and called the pastor as usual but unknown to her, neigbhours had notified the husband.

Explaining how he caught the man of God, the woman's husband said: “I saw him enter the house at 9pm and called my friends before we stormed the house at 3am. I was called on Sunday after he was spotted, but by the time I arrived, he had left. This time round, my wife thought I was far away and was not bothered."

So, an irate mob alerted by the woman's husband who is a Kenya power employee flushed the 'Man of God' out of the house and rained on him kicks and blows before police came to his rescue.

Questioned on why he had been secretly visiting another man's wife, the preacher claimed he had been conducting special prayers.

“I came for prayers and nothing else. I usually hold special night-long prayers with my faithful on Wednesday. I will no longer conduct prayers in people’s homes,” he pleaded with the angry mob.

In her defence, the woman claimed she needed special prayers claims rebuffed by the husband who asserted that his wife of being notorious in cheating.

“This is not the first time. I have reported two matters connected to her infidelity to the police. There was a doctor who used to stay here and sometimes people spotted her coming out of his house while skimpily dressed. When I discovered it, the medic moved. She moved on to a teacher,” said the man.

According to locals, the cheating wife had initially been employed as a house help before the Kenya Power staffer took her as his wife.

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