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Thursday, July 14

I Can't Impregnate Tinubu, She's Passed Menopause - Dino Melaye Finally Reacts to Viral Reports

I Can't Impregnate Tinubu, She's Passed Menopause - Dino Melaye Finally Reacts to Viral Reports

I Can't Impregnate Tinubu, She's Passed Menopause - Dino Melaye Finally Reacts to Viral Reports

Senator Dino Melaye has said that it is impossible for him to impregnate Oluremi Tinubu, because she has already arrived menopause.

Speaking with journalists in Abuja on Thursday, the outspoken Kogi State Senator, Dino Melaye, who has been in major news headlines for some days now over a row with his colleague and wife of the APC National leader, Senator Oluremi Tinubu, where it was alleged that he said he'll beat and also impregnate her, has addressed the widely reported controversial comments.

The APC chieftain while addresing newsmen, said it is impossible for him to impregnate Oluremi Tinubu, who represents Lagos central senatorial district, because she has already arrived menopause, adding that he did not use any insolent, abusive, or degrading language when the disagreement ensued.

“It is malicious and a lie that I said I would impregnate Mrs Tinubu. Biologically, it is even impossible to impregnate Mrs Tinubu because she has arrived menopause. How can you say you want to beat somebody and at the same time impregnate the person,” Dino said.

According to TheCable News, the influential politician and human rights activist, also explained that he only told the senate that since it had passed a resolution saying that its rules were not forged, senators who went to court should withdraw the case of face suspension.

“Unfortunately, Senator Oluremi Tinubu got up and was recognised to speak and immediately she started speaking, she specifically mentioned my name. For reasons only known to Senator Remi Tinubu, she got up and the first thing she said was that she was being harassed in this chamber by Senator Melaye at this point.

“She went ahead to say that why would he come here and be threatening senators and there was a large chorus from senators. At that point I was still calm. She got up again and said that this thug must be tamed. At that point, I got up and told her that she was very stupid.

“The next statement from her was ‘You are a dog’. She called me a dog, and when she called me a dog I stood up and reacted and I told her that this was not bourdillon and she should look at my face, I am not one of those senators who normally come to prostrate to them in bourdillon and I am from Kogi and not from Lagos.

Dino said that he saw on social media that Tinubu said that this was the end of his political career. To this, he said: "Tinubu is not God. I don’t fear souls, I only respect souls. She and her husband appealed to me to back off Saraki.

"He is my brother and my friend. It will not change in the four years of the Senate. I want to be the president of Nigeria. There has been a lot of misinformation, lies and blackmail. I want to assure everyone that I remain resolute in my personal conviction.

"It is absurd for a woman to look at her colleague and call him a thug and a dog. Unfortunately I do not have the anointing to be quiet when I am being insulted and I responded accordingly. If tomorrow Tinubu calls me names, I will respond accordingly."

He also said that there was no talk about the reported impeachment of President Muhammadu Buhari. “Somehow she got falsehood sold to SaharaReporters; nobody among those of us who spoke there talked about impeachment. The issue of the presidency was not the subject matter.

But because of deliberate wickedness and satanic manifestation, they brought in the issue of presidency to garnish their aim and purpose,” he concluded.

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