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They broke up several times, he left her to propose to another woman but here they are!

They broke up several times, he left her to propose to another woman but here they are!

Wow, found this beautful story on, oh my! This love story you are about to read will get you seated till the very end! "What is for you will always be for you"! Paris and Dominic's love is a living testament of that statement.

Their story as told by Paris

We started talking in 2005/2006 and I would stunt on him like any young immature girl would. Year after year he would say I am going to be his wife. He went as far as coming to my door step once. But still young and immature Paris would just giggle and ignore him when I felt like it. Fastforward to a couple of years, where would we be "on then off" he ended up proposing to another young lady and I just considered him "dead" in my life. But what is meant for you will always be for you. Unfortunately for them they were the wrong pieces to their own love puzzle, So they separated (during this time I paid Tmobile to block him)..lmaoo yup I'm an extremist. I on the other hand had just lost my dad and was closer than ever to God. July 27th 2007, Under the leadership of my Spiritual Father Pastor Yeboah I gave my life to Christ. I always thought I knew Christ, becasue I went to church everyday with my parents & I use to say "Thank you Lord for waking me up". Well I was wrong, I didn't have a personal relationship with Christ. But that faithful day through the ministry of my spiritual father I gave it all to Christ. When I lifted my hands& uttered those words "I accept Christ and my personal saviour", A voice came to me, which was the Holy Spirit asking me what I wanted, oddly enough not really knowing what was happening I whispered back. "I never want to have a broken heart, especially not because of a man. I told God to take my heart and never allow me to give it to anyone, and that He alone should release it when the time is right". After that day, I was pretty much unimpressed by any guy.

Now don't get me wrong, I talked to a few guys, but they can even attest that I was pretty cold hearted. My friends would call me a man eater, My parents wondered why I never introduced them to any guy, everyone around me would question me as to why a decent girl like me doesn't have a man. I never really explained what took place. I just laughed. I knew what I had saw amongst my aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. I was determined to not go through that. I had a great example of a wife and husband right in my home, what a blessing. This man came into my life 2005 I swerved him, He ended up in a serious relationship and almost got married. I wasnt moved nor bothered because God hadn't released my heart to love just yet. He wanted me to deal with myself, my commitment issues, my arrogance, my slick tongue, my overly aggressive nature. He had to break and mold me. He had to let me come to terms with the fact that my aunt's, cousins,& uncle's stories would not be my story. He dealt with me accordingly. I was humbled. Sept 2013 at 10pm. The Lord directed me to write a full list of what I wanted Physically, spiritually, and emotionally in a man(I still have that list). I did so and posted it on my wall and began to pray every night concerning it. I had no real prospects and didn't know where God would send me my King Charming. From Sep to Dec I constantly prayed, not from a place of desperation, but from a place of "I know there is great blessing for me in my marriage."

December came around and nothing. I kept vigilant. Fastfwd Feb 14th 2014, Dominic contacted me on facebook (as I had blocked him on my I gave him a pretty hard time. But as a Man of God his prayers to God were working and the Lord melted my heart of stone for him. Fast fwd to Feb 14th 2015. He Proposed!!! In a few days, we wil be getting married, whoop!

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