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Two fathers walk bride down the aisle (photos)

Two fathers walk bride down the aisle

It was a heartwarming moment on Saturday, September 26, 2015, when Todd Bachman, 43 altered the procession to accommodate his daughter’s step-dad, Todd Cendrosky, 45, to lead her down the aisle.

Two fathers walk bride down the aisle

Two weeks earlier, Brittany Peck, 21, while planning her wedding to heartthrob, Jeremy Peck, had called her dad to tell him she was confused on who will walk her down the aisle.
Though they have a strained relationship since they’ve met, Bachman planned an emotional stunt for the day.

While walking his daughter, he stepped aside to grab Cendrosky’s hand and both walked Brittany on both sides. This he did to complete his daughter’s joy on her big day.

Guests at the wedding held in Ohio, United States of America, were both thrilled and happy for the bride who had two loving fathers give her away.

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