Sunday, September 27

KFB Only God Could Have done this: I blanked out while riding on a commercial motorcycle

Hi, I trust this meets you well? I don't know the criteria through which you select testimonies to be published but i hope you publish mine please.

I have been hearing of miracles, great and small, and l have said to myself, God is God the Almighty.
I had seen and read in the newspapers how some people had been sent to the world beyond when they came or fell between a motorcycle and a vehicle.
Few, l had heard,of the sordid and graphic details of dismembered bodies through the recklessness of the 'okada' rider and the right-of-the-road owner or competitor.
I am a living testimony today of the power of the Lord.
Truly, God rules in the affairs of men-whoever!
I found myself likewise in the same scenario.
And in an instant between life and death l had said, Now, l have a taste of it.
But God decides when the sun sets for a man.
I was riding on a commercial motorcycle one day with a lot going in my mind. So l could not really say this was what happened.

I just found myself on the road, flung there by the impact of the only-God-knows- the very reason. While still lying there on the ground, I felt one of the tyres moving on  my feet  Then it moved on to my back side up. I closed my eyes for the end to come.

Then it happened.

Two invisible Hands held my head as if l was transported away from the scene.

And that was it. My head was lifted from the ways of the tyres of the truck. I saw the two Hands-one on either side of my face!
Yoruba people would say, KABIYESI" to refer to the KING OF kings and the Lord of lords.
And now to the praise of HIM Who can still storms.

To Him Who commands the creatures and the things in their lives to follow His design and plan, the Almighty God, be glory and honor.
Who says there is no God?

I came out from under the giant that would have swallowed me!
I still cringe when people talk about any fatal accident involving a motorcycle rider, his passenger and a vehicle driver.

I could also have been crushed too and forgotten
It could have been me !
But for this great God of Heaven and the earth.

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