Tuesday, September 29

A Nigerian Man asked Yvonne Nelson, she said no and this happened!

According to reports coming out of Ghana, actress Yvonne Nelson was physically assaulted by a fan (Nigerian man) on Saturday night because she refused to give him a hug
According to Ghanaian newspaper NewsOne; Elvis Eze aka Elvis Casino (the Nigerian man) was one of the several persons invited to the birthday part of Ingrid Alabi in Accra, which is where he met Yvonne Nelson as well as other Ghanaian celebrities. Elvis had joined Nelson to take photos with the celebrant and others at the party but after the photos, he requested a hug from Yvonne which she promptly turned down.
And because a hug from Yvonne Nelson is a matter of life & death, he allegedly started assaulting her verbally, yelling at her,“Who are you? Who the f*ck do you think you are? Who do you think you are?”, as the actress made a dash to her car, he reportedly went after her and pushed her head.
The report goes on to say that, the timely intervention of eyewitnesses was what rescued a frightened Yvonne Nelson from the an even worse attack by Elvis Casino.
The case has been reported to the East Legon Police but Elvis Casino is reportedly evading arrest and is nowhere to be found

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