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Being pioneer students was tough, but Adeleke University’s best graduating student

Being pioneer students was tough, but Adeleke University’s best graduating student

Miss Boluwatife Alabi made history recently when she emerged as the overall best graduating student at the maiden convocation of the Adeleke University, Ede, Osun State, with a CGPA of 4.90 in Computer Science.

In this interview with ADEBOLA ADENIYI, she talks on some of her experience in the institution.
How do you feel being the first overall best student of Adeleke University?
When I found out I was the overall best graduating student, I was speechless. I found out three days to the convocation. I didn’t believe it. It was like a dream even till the next day, but it became a reality when people started greeting me. I was speechless, but at the same time I was very happy.

Being one of the pioneer students of Adeleke University, what challenges did you face?
We the pioneer students have a lot of stories to tell. We faced a lot of difficulties because there was a time in 100 Level that there was no water in the hostel. We had to go to a far place to fetch water in a reservoir. So many things were not in place, but at the end of the day, it was still very nice because those experiences equipped us for the future. There is really nothing we can’t face; that is the feeling.

What is your background like? Does this intelligence run in the family?
I believe that everything I have is from God.

Do you have a mentor?
Yes, I have mentors. My parents are my mentors. I like the way they act; and that is how I react to situations – even academics. In academics, I have a lot of mentors. My Head of Department, Dr Olumide Longe, who was also my supervisor for my final project, made me realise that if you are going to do something, you should do it well and you shouldn’t be lazy about it. Also, Dr Mrs Oyerinde is my mentor. She is also like a mother to me. She made us to understand that no matter one’s age one is still going to get there and one can achieve what one wants. These people have an impact on my success.

How were you able to balance your social life with academics?
From 100 Level, I wasn’t a social person. I am very slow when it comes to making friends, but I didn’t isolate myself either. When I had to go to class, I knew it was time for academics; and when I was with my friends, I knew these were my friends. I think the main thing was the balance. I did what I had to do. I didn’t separate anything, because when separation comes in, you will think you have to allot time for friends.

How were you able to handle the pressure from guys such that it did not affect your studies?
Having a relationship is another thing; and if I am going to enter a relationship, the person I am getting into relationship with must know the type of person I am. He must know my study time; and if he is not okay with it, he should go away. The person should have interest in my success.

Were you ever harassed by any lecturer?
I didn’t face such.

What is your next plan?
First of all, I will go for national youth service, thereafter go for Master’s degree. But, by the grace of God, I don’t want my Master around here; I am looking for scholarship to undertake my master’s programme abroad; and I will be glad if I can find someone that will give me scholarship.

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