Tuesday, September 29

Angry mother punishes her 15-year-old daughter’s 30-year-old lover in cruel way

An angry mother has bathed a 30-year-old man with hot water at Olodi Apapa area of Lagos
State, after she discovered he was dating her 15-year-old daughter.

The man, Jude Alulomo, a tanker driver, said that the hot water affected most parts of his body, including his private part. He was rushed to the hospital.

But, Alulomo is now threatening to sue the girl’s parents unless they allow to marry her.

The incident occurred on September 24, around 9pm, when Alulomo, who hails from Edo State, went to visit his lover.

According to Alulomo, he went to visit his girlfriend, Ashanbi, at their Oyegunle Street residence, but never knew his lover’s mother was planning to attack him.

 He said: “As I was waiting for Ashanbi to come out from their apartment to see me, her mother suddenly came out with hot water.

"She poured it on me. The hot water affected my jaw, down to my private part.” Alulomo vowed that it was either they allowed him to marry the girl in compensation for what he was suffering or let the law take its course.

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