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Yoruba speaking states to get own anthem - Ooni

Yoruba speaking states to get own anthem - Ooni

The Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi on Friday ended his visit to Ekiti state with a promise that the Yoruba-speaking states in Nigeria would soon have a common anthem in local dialect that will be sung at every public forum immediately after that of the national anthem.

The monarch made the pronouncement when he visited Governor Ayo Fayose at the Government House to round-off his two-day official visit to the state.

He said the need for such Yoruba anthem had become necessary in view of the need to inculcate the spirit of solidarity, unity, service,love and togetherness on every yoruba person, irrespective of age and status.

He said he drew his inspiration about forming a common Yoruba anthem after listening to the one already adopted by Ekiti state many years ago.

He also promised to release a book that would further add value to his current peace efforts across the country.

He described the state as a model, saying most of the new experience gathered in the state would be adopted and incorporated into  the overall yoruba affairs in near future.

“My ascension to the throne of Oduduwa is not by mistake, it was God, the creator that ordained it and it is my belief that He has a clear role for me, and that role is to bring all my people together and foster peace among them

“We yorubas must learn to do only those things that unite us,and not those that separate us because there cannot be growth and development where peace and unity are conspicuously absent

“The time has come for us leaders in the country, especially those of us in yorubaland to put supremacy aside,we are all nothing before God, we are just basically human", the Ooni said.

In a response, host governor Fayose thanked the Ooni for extending his visit to two days to enable him fraternize more with the Ekiti people and urged him to continue with his tempo of peace amd prayers for the yoruba people and the entire nation.

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