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Dogara calls on classmates to make sacrifices

Dogara calls on classmates to make sacrifices

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rep. Yakubu Dogara has said that there is no success or achievement without sacrifice.

Dogara said this at the inaugural reunion organised by the 1992 class of law graduates from the University of Jos, in Abuja on Saturday.

He recalled how they all met at the school and said with their successes and achievements, they should make sacrifices by contributing their quota to the system that moulded them.
“We came together looking timid and never knew what each one of us would be 24 years after graduation.

“We always believe that the Lord has a purpose for each one of us. You will never know the purpose why the Lord had assembled us at the same time as class mates.

“None of us knew what he or she could become in future and look at us all now, most of us are making successes in our different endeavours.

“ Remember nothing good comes without sacrifice we should use this occasion to reflect on what action we wish to take. “Whatever we are today we cannot deny that we achieved them through what we got when we were in the University of Jos.

“Those achievements we have accumulated should be made available for the betterment of the society and much sacrifice is required of us,” he said.

The convener of the event, Mr Abdul Mahmud, represented by Mr. Emeka Onohwakpor, urged his fellow alumni to give thanks to the Lord.

“We should thank the Lord for our successes and achievements as a class with senior judicial officers, top public servants, top practitioners of law both in private and public Bars.

“Politicians and with our own Yakubu Dogara as the number four citizen of our great country, we can proudly point to our Faculty of Law as the premier centre of training“ “At this reunion, we have worked hard to make a success out of our individual toils and collective hardwork“ he said.

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