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Why Is Lekki Gardens MD In Prison and TB Joshua is Walking Free? - OAP Freeze Blows Hot

Why Is Lekki Gardens MD In Prison and TB Joshua is Walking Free? - OAP Freeze Blows Hot

MD of Lekki Gardens Mr. Nyong Richard (right) and his contractor  Odofin Taiwo,
 in court

Following the high profile collapse of a building in Lekki, popular On Air Personalities, Freeze, has waded into the matter with an interesting point.

The popular OAP Freeze criticized the decision of the government to quickly arraign and publicly humiliate the Managing Director of Lekki Gardens and his contractor who was handling the project of the collpased building while allowing other people with equally heinous 'crime' walk free.

The controversial OAP, took to his Instagram to post the photo above of the Lekki Gardens MD and his conractor wearing handcuffs in court, and then followed it up with the words below:

What really is Justice???

I have no qualms seeing a young man who committed a crime pay for that crime. Life is sad, before Richard came along, you could not dream of buying a house in LEKKI for 20million naira, his dream was to make choice housing affordable and available. Somewhere down the line mistakes were made and lives were lost! And yes I agree...... Someone must pay!

Now my questions;

Why is he in handcuffs and remanded in prison when that 'prophet' whose building collapsed and killed more people than Ebola, Lassa fever and this alleged 'LEKKI gardens' put together is walking free??? Why is that prophet not in handcuffs too??? It was even alleged, that he didn't show up in court the last time the courts sat. Is this true??? If it is true, then why is Richard 'remanded' in prison while Mr prophet 'comes from home'??? Is there a special court for 'prophets' or do we have special 'laws' for them???
Is our government afraid of prophets???

Are the people who lost their lives in the Church less valuable than the people who lost their lives in the LEKKI Gardens saga?

My humble advice: Richard should be released to go home and attend hearings from home like the 'prophet'. Or the 'prophet' should be picked up, handcuffed and locked in the same cell with Richard while he attends trial!

Or does the change we voted for include turning Nigeria into the African version of George Orwell's 'Animal Farm', where "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others?"

I might not know law and justice, but I definitely know injustice!

I appeal to everyone to lend their voice to this and ensure we have 'JUSTICE FOR ALL'

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