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$127m Lottery Winner Sued by Her Pastor for Not Fulfilling Her Pledge (Photo)

$127m Lottery Winner Sued by Her Pastor for Not Fulfilling Her Pledge (Photo)

Lottery winner, Marie Holmes

A pastor of a church has sued a member for not giving him a part of her lottery winning claiming her refusal had put him through emotional distress and mental stress.

Pastor Kevin Matthews out of North Carolina is suing Marie Holmes, the woman from North Carolina who won $188 million in the Powerball lottery.

Holmes is a single mother of four children — one of whom has cerebral palsy. Holmes worked multiple jobs to take care of her children, and by becoming a Powerball jackpot winner, plenty assumed that her troubles would be over.

Holmes is reportedly facing a $10 million lawsuit from a pastor, no less. Pastor Matthews — a local North Carolina pastor — is allegedly suing Holmes to get a share of the $127 million that Marie took home after she decided to receive her Powerball lottery winnings in a lump sum payment.

Pastor Matthews claims that he and Marie engaged in a verbal — not written — contract worth $1.5 million for Holmes to buy land to act as the home of some sort of retreat facility. The pastor spoke with EURweb in an exclusive interview that claims the Lord led him to Holmes.

Although Pastor Matthews claims he suffered from mental distress and emotional distress over Holmes allegedly reneging on her verbal promise over the $1.5 million Marie was reportedly supposed to give Pastor Matthews for the retreat, Holmes’ lawyer, Ruth Sheehan, knew nothing about the lawsuit.

Pastor Matthews claimed he went through such a hard time that he needed more meds.

Pastor Matthews said the retreat center was something that the pastor had prayed about for years.

The backlash being felt by the rumored lawsuit involves a supposed man of God allegedly forgetting the popular 1 Corinthians 6:1 verse that dissuades Christians from taking one another to court.

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