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Drama as 'Dead' Woman Turns Up on TV Programme Two Years After She Was Buried

Drama as 'Dead' Woman Turns Up on TV Programme Two Years After She Was Buried

The man (not pictured) was shocked when his wife popped up on TV

A woman who was believed to have died two years earlier shocked her husband and others when she appeared on a live television programme.

A grieving husband who believed he had buried his wife after she was killed in a road accident was shocked when she popped up on a popular TV programme.

According to Mirror Online, Abragh Mohamed held a funeral for his beloved wife after she was thought to have been killed in a crash.

He was told by doctors in a Casablanca hospital that the woman, who hasn't been named, had passed away from her "serious" injuries.

But she turned up on a TV programme designed to reconnect loved ones who have lost contact over the years.

Two years after her 'death', family members sat down to watch the popular Moroccan television series 'Al Mujtafun (Desaparecidos)' or 'Al Mujtafun (Disappeared)'.

It was then that Abragh's "deceased" wife phoned in, saying she had lost contact with her husband and gave his name and former address.

The "widower" wasn't watching the programme when she phoned in to trace him but friends were and they broke the shock news to him.

He told Spanish press: "I did not know it was a different body that we buried and my wife was still alive."

Questions are now being asked as to what went wrong in the first place, why the woman took two years to get in touch and where she had been.

One theory is that she lost her memory.

She had lived in the small mountain town of Azilal. Her husband was told by the doctors that she probably wouldn't survive but they needed the bill to be paid in any event.

He therefore travelled the four hours back to his home and when he returned with the cash, was told his wife had died.

Later, he received what he thought was her body, wrapped in a shroud and already in a coffin which he took back to Azilal for her burial.

He said, he knew her face looked different, but he thought maybe it was becuase she had died and dying could alter a person's face a bit, especially if that person had been in a mortuary for long.

The man has since been reunited with his wife.

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