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Tragic! Woman Found Washed Up on a Beach Four Days After She Was Declared Missing

Tragic! Woman Found Washed Up on a Beach Four Days After She Was Declared Missing

Christina Harding

A woman who was declared missing has been discovered dead and washed up on a beach, after she was gone for four complete days.

A woman's dead body was found on a beach several days after she went missing, Mirror Online reports.

The woman, Christina Harding, 55, was reported missing some months ago, however four days later a 12-year-old boy discovered her body near Blagdons Boatyard in Plymouth, Devon.

Her death came eight years after her glamour model daughter Anita Harding, 20, took a drugs overdose when she was eight months pregnant.

An inquest on Thursday failed to determine the circumstances surrounding Christina's death but it heard she was anxious and depressed before she went missing.

Coroner Ian Arrow said it was "quite clear" her body had been in the water for some time, but it is not known where she entered the water, what time, or why.

Mrs Harding's GP said the support worker, who was married to Stephen Harding, had a "depressive illness" and was "prone to being somewhat impulsive".

Mrs Harding had visited Dr Embleton "quite a lot" over the years before her death to talk about problems at home.

"She wanted beta blockers for anxiety and we talked about the pros and cons of taking them," said the doctor.

When Christina's body was found Det Con Eccles said there was "no third party involvement".

Concluding the inquest coroner Mr Arrow said this was an "entirely sad story".

He said: "We can't exclude she may have just gone in the water to paddle. It is not clear how she came to drown, but having said that there are no suspicious circumstances and police were not able to find any third party involvement."

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