Tuesday, March 24

Kim Kardashian Says She Heard Her Mother, Kris Jenner Moaning During Sex

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Kim has claimed she heard her mother having sex with her toyboy lover Corey Gamble.

Kim Kardashian West has claimed she heard her mother, Kris Jenner having sex with her toyboy lover, Corey Gamble. The 34 year-old 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star said she was kept awake by matriarch, Kris Jenner's bed banging against her wall as she was getting frisky beneath the sheets with her new man.

Speaking in Sunday's episode, March 22 of their family reality TV show, Kim said of her mum's sex life: 'The bed bangs up against the wall. I was literally trying to pass out and I woke up and I swear I thought I heard moaning.'

Kim's sister Khloe was clearly shocked by the revelation and added: 'That's disgusting. I have the worst visual.'

However, although Kris' love life seems to be taking off since the breakdown of her marriage to Bruce Jenner last year, the brunette beauty is adamant she won't be getting hitched again.

When asked by Khloe, if she was dating Corey, Kris said: 'We're just hanging out right now. I don't think I will ever get married again.'

Khloe agreed, adding: 'You can f*** whoever you want, just don't get married right now.'

However, the 59 year-old reality TV star, felt angered by her children's obsession with her love life.

She said: 'It's so annoying that my family is being so judgmental because all I really want to do is live my life. Everybody wants to know what the title is, everybody wants answers. It's like a bunch of haters.'

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