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Germanwings Pilot Tried To Smash Into Cockpit With An Axe After Being Locked Out

More details have emerged regarding the final moments of the Germanwings crash..It has been revealed the captain of the Germanwings plane which crashed into the Alps tried to break down the cockpit door with an axe after his co-pilot locked him out.
28 year old Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz who deliberately flew the Airbus A320 into the side of a mountain was said to be depressed after being dumped by his girlfriend..

The cockpit flight recorder showed that the captain repeatedly knocked and tried to get back in as the plane went into its fatal descent, .
However, German newspaper Bild reported this morning that the captain, Patrick Sondenheimer, also tried using an axe to break down the cockpit's armoured door as the plane descended into the Alps.

A spokesman for Germanwings confirmed that an axe was on board the aircraft. Such a tool is 'part of the safety equipment of an A320,' the spokesman told the paper.
But passengers were oblivious to what was happening until 'the last moment when they began to scream..The captain - named by local media as German father-of-two Patrick Sonderheimer - then left the cockpit but found himself locked out when he tried to re-enter.

Mr. Robin said:
'We hear the pilot asking the co-pilot to take over and we hear the sound of a chair being pushed back and a door closing so we assume that the captain went to the toilet or something.

'So the co-pilot is on his own, and it is while he's on his own that the co-pilot is in charge of the plane and uses the flight management system to start the descent of the plane.

'At this altitude, this can only be done voluntarily. We hear several shouts from the captain asking to get in, speaking through the intercom system, but there's no answer from the cockpit.' 'Just before final impact we hear the sound of a first impact. It's believed that the plane may have hit something before the final impact. There is no distress signal or Mayday signal. No answer was received despite numerous calls from the tower.'
Source: Dailymail

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