Wednesday, March 25

6 Women In Delta And Anambra Killed By Their Husbands Last Week Over Alleged Infidelity

Six women were killed by their husbands last week in unrelated incidents in Delta and Anambra State. Purported infidelity was the cause of the homicides, Leadership reports. In one of the cases in Anambra, it was rumoured that a woman named Mary* was allegedly having an affair with a native doctor. Her husband found out and shot her dead. He was about to also turn the gun on himself, however; he was reportedly saved by neighbours.
In another case in Delta, a 62-year-old farmer, John* stabbed his wife to death after she reportedly confessed that she had been cheating on him for years. Eyewitness accounts state that upon killing his wife, John attempted to commit suicide by hanging himself, but was rescued by neighbors.
According to reports, in another instance, the body of a woman was found in the gutter somewhere in Akabo–Obofia in Newichi, Nnewi North Local Government Area of Anambra State. Eyewitnesses say she was killed by her husband after they had argued over her alleged infidelity. Information about the other three cases were not published.
*Aliases have been used to protect the identities of the individuals*
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