Thursday, March 26

Kenya Presenter Reveals 'Best And Worst' Moments On Radio


Caroline Motokos has revealed the worst, best moments on her Youtube channel. Kenyan OAP, Caroline Motoko, has revealed the 'best' and 'worst' moments since she started her career as a Radio host.

Speaking recently on her YouTube channel, the Kiss 100 FM presenter noted that the 2008' post-election violence was one of the most terrible experiences she has had as a radio presenter.

'In 2007/2008, what made it horrible, wasn't just what was going on in the country, during the post-election violence but the inability to be controlled on the show; what I was going to say next but also be very unsure about when this song ends and I opened the microphone, what do I say?

'As a presenter you ought to be ahead of your audience but I have understood the nature of the information I have to put out there, I didn't enjoy my job in any form of manner then,' she added.

Speaking further, the young woman regarded one of the most respected celebrities in Kenya said her best moment remains having a large army of listeners and contributors on her show.

'There is nothing as wonderful as having a mass audience listening to you, an audience that gets along with the show by taking part in topics being discussed.

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