Friday, March 27

David Beckham Accuses Son Of Stealing His Clothes

David Beckham pictured with his son Brooklyn says he steals his cloths. Photo: Mirror

David Beckham pictured with his son, Brooklyn, whom he says steals his clothes. Photo: Mirror

Retired international footballer and super model, David Beckham has revealed that while his 16-year-old son, Brooklyn doesn't think he's 'cool', he will gladly raid his wardrobe for outfits to wear.

Speaking about the promotion of the launch of his new fragrance, Instinct: Gold Edition, the former PSG star said:

'My elder child, Brooklyn, he's 16 years old. Every time I go into my wardrobe, there's clothes on the floor, and I'm a really tidy person, so I know he's been in there. He doesn't think I'm too cool at times, but… he comes out in my jeans or my trainers or t-shirts.

'One of the last times Brooklyn thought I was cool was when I got him the Kanye (West) shoes for his birthday, so for about five hours I was cool again, and then he realised I got a pair as well, and it kind of killed it for him,' he added.

Brooklyn is the first son of the famous retired football star and former member of Spice Girls, David and Victoria Beckham.

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