Tuesday, March 7

Let's tell you about Mummy Ndioha, the Instagram comedienne who makes celebrities look stupid (photos)

The first thought that comes to mind on seeing Mummy Ndioha’s Instagram page is “Who is this jobless woman?”

The basic concept behind her comedy is recreating trending celebrity looks. A lot of people do that, true…it’s just how Mummy Ndioha does it that is hilarious. How she can make absolute rubbish of celebrity fashion statements that have been carefully put together and paid for is what amazes her followers with each new post.

What is even more amazing is this: Celebrities pay millions to stylists who prep them for events, Mummy Ndioha replicates the looks with basic household materials like garbage bags, shopping bags, flower pots, her children’s teddy bears, towels and even kitchen foil. Beyond red carpet looks, Mummy Ndioha attempts to recreate the lifestyles of these celebrities too and truth is, it bangs all the time. Every time you think you’ve seen the best of her act, she comes up with another one and blows us away over again. Mummy Ndioha has tampered with Rihanna’s looks more than a few times, Davido has also been a favourite, Bobrisky, Keke Palmer, Beyonce, Kylie Jenner, Toke Makinwa and Nicki Minaj have also been cloned on her page.

Hitting almost 5,000 likes per post on some occasions, Mummy Ndioha belongs to the new generation of comic acts who are using Instagram to show off their creativity and have gained such massive following that their social media influence can no longer be overlooked.

See some of them below:

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