Friday, March 10

Awkward moment U.S-based Nigerian man got disgraced after storming Unizik to beat up his supposed lover's boyfriend (Photos)

 There was drama at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University School of Pharmacy, Agulu, Anambra State, today, when a man who just returned from the U.S, stormed the campus, to fight for the love of his supposed girlfriend.

Trouble started, last night, when he called the girl, while studying during night class, and that girl's boyfriend, on campus, picked the call. In the course of their conversation, the boyfriend threatened to beat the U.S returnee.

Angered by the threat, he went to the campus today to teach him a lesson. On getting there, he called the supposed boyfriend, but coincidentally, an innocent student was also receiving a call close by.

Thinking that the innocent student was the boyfriend and was answering his call, he pounced on him and started beating him until security operatives intervened. He and his accomplice were eventually disgraced out of the campus.

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