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This 12-year-old school streamlined her suicide after been sexually abused (photos)

12 year old schoolgirl, Katelyn Nicole Davis, Cedartown Middle School in Polk County, Georgia, US, broadcast it on social media on December 30 that she had been sexually abused by a family member before hanging herself, live on camera.

Cops now say they are powerless to stop the horrific video being shared online

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In the video, Katelyn Nicole Davis claims she was physically and sexually abused by a relative then lets the camera roll as she hangs herself in her back garden.

According to The Sun Online, NSPCC spokesman told The Sun Online:, “This video must be taken down immediately and we are pressing social media sites to get this done as soon as possible. In this instance warnings of graphic content do not go far enough.
“Every child should be safe to use the internet without seeing harmful content, and children who are contemplating self-harm or suicide should be directed towards support and help rather than graphic and distressing content.
“This video highlights the urgent need for the law to protect children from unsuitable and harmful content, including violence and self-harm, through removing or blocking content and online age verification measures.”

This is not the first time horrific events have played out on live streaming services.
The shocking video was broadcast in December just days after an investigation was launched over her claims a relative sexually abused her

The video of her death was quickly removed after it was posted on Facebook

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