Saturday, January 14

KFB Churchy & Fly: How to rock the new 'Fringe' trend (Volume 31)

The Fringe Dress is Trending! You Don’t Want to Miss Out

For the newbies, KFB Churchy and Fly is our fashion column, where we bring you all the dose of inspiration you need to stun for JESUS on Sundays.

You can keep up with the other volumes you have  missed (HERE).

Today, we are talking about a new trend alert, Fringe!

Have you noticed the beautiful trend of lace or ankara combined with fringe lace?

This new trend is buzzing at owambe parties and now, ladies wear it to church too.
It’s just so classic and of course it’s trendy! 

Fringe detailing and the bell sleeve is lit! it gives you some vintage vibe with the modern touch and absolutely wardrobe worthy!

The Fringe Dress is everywhere right now, here are some stylish ways you can make it look amazing..

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Join us again next week for another edition/trend...whoop! 

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