Friday, January 13

Man narrates near-death experience on 3rd Mainland Bridge, Lagos (Photos)

Accident victim last night in Lagos

A very bitter man has revealed how he almost died in a car accident last night, because of this country's constant negligence and disregard for safety.
A Twitter user, Gbemi Famoti (@gbemifam) has narrated how he survived a crash after he drove into the section of the 3rd mainland bridge road that is being renovated.
Reports reveal that there is an ongoing construction along Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos, as road users lament the fact that there is no sign on the road to let drivers know of the construction works in the middle of the highway.
It was learnt that the contractors have broken and removed the bitumen used for surfacing and roofing the road, but placed no sign to say that the road is now rough, and as a result of this, a man nearly lost his life on Thursday night.
Below is how he narrated his near-death experience;

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