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Saturday, January 14

Popular Nollywood Actor, Kunle Remi, narrates how he mistakenly stabbed by an excited fan (Photos)

Kunle Remi
Yoruba charming Nollywood actor, Kunle Remi, has recounted his ordeal in the hands of an over excited fan who accidentally stabbed him with a broken glass at a friend's party.
The screen star who took to his Instagram page and revealed how was lucky to have survived a weird ordeal from the hands of a fan that could have killed him late last year, wrote;
"The Year 2016 was so much and more.. Let me start with the month of November 2016 which was one of the most challenging times of my life.

"My mind was open to so many things, I had more insight about my self, my Industry, life and the people in it.  I learned a lot.

"On the 7th of November 2016 I had an accident. On my way from work I decided to stop to celebrate a friends birthday. I Didn't have intentions to stay for so long, I just wanted to breeze in and out (Well that was my plan)... then I bumped into this excited Fan" (well I was energetic too as usual) and while we were greeting each other "the Accident" happened...he was carrying a glass which somehow broke, tearing into my flesh, leaving my arm bleeding profusely and me,fading out gradually, unconscious on getting to the hospital. I blacked out. That's all I remember. 


"Did I mention that at this point, I was juggling between 3 jobs?? Well I am mentioning now... I had three projects that were originally not supposed to be shot at the same time but because some had shifted schedule all up in my face, without consulting me, I found myself in a situation where I had 24hrs a day and 3 projects to Honour. 

"PS : In restrospect, maybe I should have pulled out quickly when dates started changing and closing up on me. But in truth, I cared about all 3 projects, my heart was in them, I had already committed myself, and they were originally never planned for the same months. Now I am not the one to do 3 or 2 jobs at once. 

"It's not my preference but this is not a peculiar situation, in my industry. Because actors are freelancers, a production would lock an actor down by having them on an 'exclusive' or 'first-call' contract...meaning that if you happen to have other jobs at the time, theirs would take priority etc....ok...enough of that.
"Back to the story.... 1.** 2 of projects moved their dates from march to April. Then to September again.. and then finally to October. 

"I got their schedules and made it work so I don't have trouble... luckily, they were to shoot one after the other. Not at the same time. But again they moved schedule and scattered my own personal schedule.

"The third job was to start at the End of the month, but they too changed their schedule by starting earlier than the proposed date without informing me. (it wasn't funny then) PLAY:- I woke up in the hospital after passing out from bleeding and getting stitches... paid some bills I Hadn't anticipated, then had to rush home to shower and then rush to work... with my hands swollen, drugged up and in so much pain (professional actor abi?). 

"So there I was; 3 jobs, 1 injury, clashed schedule, dozens of antibiotics, typhoid fever, sleepless nights and burning money on Uber ( they should make me an ambassador)... But what really got to me was HOW some people I work with reacted to my injury. There are some who thought my injury was a lie. That my bandage was covering up a ghost stab wound and I was making excuses to accommodate my hectic schedule. 

"At the end of all this long story I came out with 1 physical scar ,1 emotional Scar and 1 Mental scar and a few lessons on LIFE.

"What I learned? *Time is Everything
*It may be yours, but not on your side
*Time really is Money
* In business/services Nobody really cares. *its never about you or your well being
*Try as u May, Some things you can't control. *Only Time can heal and repair what has been broken.

"My advice-:*
* Do what you got to do and do it well. Always give your best.
*Sometimes your BEST is not good enough
* Every second counts, be the rhythm to the tick.
* Make sure you are VERY CLEAR in COMMUNICATION.
* it's ok to walk away. To say No. I can't. And not try to be all things to all people.
* Even when things don't seem to be working out, on some deeper level, they ARE
* Learn the Lesson and Move on. * know your GOD. The Source of your strength and wisdom * Be honest, be truthful... if you think no one is watching, think again...GOD is not "NOBODY"

"After this long story, I dedicate this to...To whom it could help."

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