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South-West Sends Mercenaries to Other Parts of Nigeria to Fight - Senator Akpabio Insists

South-West Sends Mercenaries to Other Parts of Nigeria to Fight - Senator Akpabio Insists

Godswill Akpabio

PDP chieftain and lawmaker has alleged that some South-westerners have been serving as mercenaries for violence in other parts of Nigeria.

Former Governor of Akwa Ibom State and now Senate Minority Leader, Godswill Akpabio, has alleged that the South West is the “only peaceful” area in the country because it sends mercenaries to other regions of the country to fight .

The People's Democratic Party chieftain made the claim in his contribution to the debate at the celebration of one year of the 8th Senate yesterday. Speaking on the general state of affairs in the country, Akpabio warned that if something urgent was not done, Nigeria would be plunged into major crisis .

He said : “In the South - South , people have abandoned their homes because of activities of Niger Delta Avengers. The North is in turmoil; the South - East is boiling because of agitation . The South -West is the only peaceful area , but they still send mercenaries to other areas to fight ”.

Senator Akpabio, however, failed to mention which areas the South-west mercenaries are sent and the nature of “fight ” they partake in.

Curiously, none of the senators from the South-west challenged the former Akwa Ibom governor on this claim.

Meanwhile, the senator has urged the All Progressives Congress - led federal government to market the country in a positive light, saying no serious investor will put his money in a country that has already been described as “full of criminals” by its leaders .

“I want to urge the APC to market this country very well. The way the APC is saying the country is full of criminals , investors will not come here to invest. They must change the way they talk about Nigeria. Things need to change ” , he stated .

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