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PEOPLE!!! Do You Know The 7 Enemies Of Marriage?

Do You Know The 7 Enemies Of Marriage?

MFM Regional Pastor, Olumide Oni Explains

Mountain Of Fire And Miracles, Lekki Regional Headquarters,SRO,Pastor Olumide Oni,in his new book titled,Your Marriage And Your Destiny,highlighted seven major enemies of marriage. The Prophet who is also known as an Evangelist,and teacher was formerly the Chairman Administrative Council at the International Prayer City of MFM,Ibafo before his transfer to Lekki.

In this book which is centered around marriage,Pastor Olumide Oni shares seven major enemies of marriage which include:


Listening to negative comments from bad friends about your spouse can destroy the peace and harmony in your home.Bad friends have destroyed many glorious families. Couples must watch out for the influence of bad friends. Of course,the solution to the problem of bad friends is to refuse to have or cut them off,if you already have them.

As a spouse, there are people you must cut off from your life and stop relating with as friends.Otherwise,they will pollute your marriage. As a minister of God,I have counseled many people with broken homes whose problems are traceable to the influence of bad friends, Your kind of friend defines your kind of person;and your kind of person will rub off on your marriage.


Do not lie to your husband or wife. Even when your spouse will not be happy with you for saying the truth,still say the truth. You owe yourself and your marriage the primary responsibility of being truthful.


Envy occurs between husband and wife. Where a woman earns more money than the man,he could become envious. And where the man is more prominent than the woman,she could become envious. God’s blessings in the life of the husband or wife are meant for the family. In God’s arithmetic 1+1=1. Envy is a slayer or killer. It can kill love, fellowship, oneness, joy, prayer, and every other thing that makes your marriage blissful.


Anger can set marriage on fire and ruin many homes. It either comes from the internal activities of the family or through wrong handling of relationships with your spouse’s family members. You need to know that the family members of your spouse are as important as your own family members. Whenever there is a misunderstanding between you and your spouse, find a place in your heart to forgive him or her.

Anger causes and expands quarrels. An angry man or woman will soon set his or her home on fire. Because of anger some men  refuse to eat their wives’ food and some women refuse to sleep on the same bed with their husbands. Anger will cause a gap between husband and wife that will continue to widen except something is done about it.

Proverbs 15:18: A wrathful man stirreth up strife:but he that is slow to anger appeaseth strife.


Love your spouse as you love yourself. Do not be selfish. In every area of life and in everything,understand that whatever you consider good for you should also be considered good for your spouse.Little bits of selfishness are capable of destroying marriage.


An evil family pattern is a problem or a negative trait that affects every member of a family. Failure to deal with evil family pattern can destroy your marriage. The Bible reveals that carriers of evil seed from their genealogy are prone to doing evil.


Lack of prayers can ruin the home. Prayerlessness is a sign that either the man or the woman is in charge of the family. Otherwise,prayer is a means of expressing our total dependence on God for everything we need to make our marriage work.

Where women or men play the roles of God,by not involving Him through prayers,everything falls apart.In marriage,as it is in every other area of life,there is no substitute to prayer. Pray for a bad marriage to become good; pray for a good one to become better;pray for a better marriage to become their best and pray to experience the best of the best. Marriage is a life journey;prayer is its life companion.

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