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Abolish 36 states if Nigeria must develop

Abolish 36 states if Nigeria must develop

The Rosicrucian Order, otherwise known as the Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC) has told President Muhammadu Buhari-led government that, for Nigeria to develop and sustain its political and economic growth, the six geopolitical zones and the 36 States must be restructured and replaced with 12 geo-economic zones.

Delivering a lecture Saturday in Kaduna on the topic, “National Integration for Global Peace” organised by Northern zone of AMORC, the Secretary/Treasurer, National Board, AMORC, Nigeria, Johnson A. Ikube, noted that the country was not integrated in the true sense of integration.

Ikube said Nigerians should move from the idea of, “a country of let the popular rule, to a country of let competent men and women with good character and value rule.”

He suggested that the proposed 12 zones should be manned by renowned successful entrepreneurs who will drive the economies of the zones to perfection.

He added, “I foresee a situation where this 12 zones structure should replace the State structure at which time each of these zones can be headed by say a Vice President so that together with the President, we will be having a 13-member executive council.

“Ministers, special assistants and presidential advisers will necessarily be rationalised and streamlined.

“Every zone with clear vision and strategic clarity can, should and will add value as they tend the Nigerian light”.

However, he expressed worry that the country cannot claim to be succeeding with national integration in the face of rising economic crisis, disrespect for human life, corruption ridden polity, and rising separatist movements, amongst other evidences.

He noted, “Manifest conflicts resulting from trial, ethnic, religious, political, gender, ego, power and cultural differences have increased the level of our disintegration, resulting in militancy and terrorism, the push for cessation, the violence in State and national assemblies, among others.

“Our great country, Nigeria has all the resources it needs to be truly integrated and great. The country has men, money, minds, materials, etc. God help us as we travel the path to true sustainable integration and greatness and with which we can more effectively support the integration of other nations and the realisation of global peace”.

Earlier, in his address, Grand Administrator and Director Supreme Board of AMORC, Northern zone, Chief Kenneth U. Idiodi, blamed global conflicts on the advent of internet and mobile telephony which he noted, has brought the world to one environment known as cyber space.

He added, “This is true particularly in Nigeria which is currently facing serious diversity management issues arising from its multi-religious, multi-ethnic and multi-linguistic characteristics that have resulted in disturbing political and social differences”.

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