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Ladies! Here Are Names Of Nigerian Men You Don’t Want To Date (Must Read)

Ladies! Here Are Names Of Nigerian Men You Don’t Want To Date (Must Read)

Before you go into any relationship, it would be good for you to make a mental assessment of the kind of man you want to date and the kind of effect your choice would have on you at the long run.

Everyone in Nigeria is talking about the Yoruba demons and things they do; this is because most of the Yoruba guys are known to be players and flirts who do not value emotions and feelings.  There are some men outside the Yoruba tribe who have similar attributes and would equally break a woman’s heart the moment she starts to date them.

In order to save you from the heartbreaks that could leave you emotionally impaired, we would share with you some of the names of the guys you need to watch out for in Nigeria.

1. Tunde

Guys who bear Tunde are usually sleek; they appear like the perfect gentleman but end up toying with your emotions.  They have so many girls in their lives because of their personality. They are charming in every sense and would sweep you off your feet in no time. If you do not have a heart strong enough to be broken, steer clear of them.

2. Wale

Guys who are known as Wale are known to be tough players, they know what women want and go to any length trying to satisfy them. You can be sure that the moment they have the cookie, they would run off and move on to the next unlucky girl. Girls find it hard resisting guys who are called Wale because of their calmness and gentility.

3. Femi

They are usually flirts. They have ladies wrapped around their fingers and would say things that would make you trip. They have a great sense of humor and would slide from one girl to the other. If you see know any heartbroken lady around you, you can be sure Femi would be one of the guys that messed up with her heart.

4. Henry

Most guys who bear Henry enjoy keeping chains of girls. They have style and focus on their physical attributes. Ladies in turn are more attracted to fine and handsome men. Guys who bear Henry would not just break your heart, they would act smart on you and try to psyche any of your friends too.

5. Frankk

Most of the guys who bear Frank are light skinned and to an extent, termed handsome. Girls are always drawn to them; they are conscious of this and work it into their personality. They never take women seriously and would not go out of their ways to please you. There is always a replacement for you the moment you think you have had enough.

6. Charles and Chris

Basically, it more about their names; Nigerian girls for some unknown reason seem to trip and admire guys with English names. As soon as the girls get to hear these names, the guys have their rapt attention already.

7. Tayo

Guys who bear this name always avoid complications; they most times settle down for ‘friends with benefits’. You could date them for as long as possible without moving forward from that point; they would not propose and they would not break up with you so far you keep giving them what they want.

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